Interior and jewelry designer, Erin Radetich, conceived Sainte-Foy as both a tribute to her Grandmother Fay and to the beauty created through the mind's eye. This is something that never ceases to inspire faith in Erin, who sees the ability to create and design as a divine spark, providing spiritual purpose in one's own life and global community.

Erin's experience in high-end interior design has led her to create a curated, elevated and fresh aesthetic. Always inspired by her grandmother who exemplified a life well-lived, filled with faith, love and joie-di-vivre, Erin seeks to translate those virtues into everyday living. On Sainte-Foy, customers are provided with a collection of both jewelry and home goods including vintage items and unique pieces made from incredibly talented artists across continents and all fronts of design.


While studying Art History in college, an internship at the Buffalo Religious Arts Center along with learning about Byzantine jewelry, sparked a passion in Erin for creating jewelry made with antique religious medals. Simultaneously, she was drawn to the design of the interiors she was studying in her Art History classes. After graduating, Erin went on to gain her masters degree in Interior Design from the Corcoran School of Art + Design at George Washington University. While studying in D.C., Erin grew her jewelry into a side business, catering to clients looking for bespoke, meaningful pieces made out of gold, silver and semi-precious gemstones.

Her interior design experience includes both-high end residential as well as boutique hospitality projects. In D.C., Erin began developing her residential aesthetic at Two Ivy Lane and joined Hapstak Demetriou architecture and design studio upon graduation, working on residential, multi-family and popular D.C. restaurants. A move to Connecticut brought her back into the world of strictly high-end residential interiors, where she continued to elevate her craft at Terri Ricci Interiors, designing for multi-million dollar projects on both coasts. Currently, Erin is collaborating with Ursino Interiors and growing her design business.

Throughout Erin's design experience, a consistent thread has always been her passion for "the find.” She loves uncovering new designers, products and finding the connections between old craftsmanship and our modern era. Combining her jewelry and design expertise, starting Sainte-Foy was a natural transition that has allowed Erin to blend both of her passions together.